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Marketing 101

All you need to know.

At its most basic marketing consists of five areas. In this marketing 101 overview we will consider the following aspects of marketing.

  • Brand – The key messages, benefits, supporting facts and associated graphic design that tells your company story. This is written once.
  • Content – The specific stories that you tell about your company. They always include some or all of the brand elements.
  • Creative – Ways you can package your stories.
  • Channel – How you distribute your stories.
  • Results – How you measure your efforts.

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7 Rules of Improv that Improve Communication

Your improv partner says to you, “I like you better now that you are gay…though I will miss the sex.” How do you respond? In improv you are prepared to hear something from out of left field. But even in our everyday lives we are thrown conversational curves and have to respond. Whether the conversation is casual, important, business-related, silly or life changing the rules of improv will improve your communication skills: people will want to hear what you have to say and you will say it with conviction. Continue reading