ZoC provides a wide range of marketing services depending on your needs.

In simple terms we help you write your story so your audience will be engaged, package your story to make it ready for distribution, and then distribute your story and monitor the results  in order to make continual improvements.

Content to Creative to Channel


Content is the foundation for all marketing. It’s the story you are telling. And it all starts with your key messages. Follow the instructions in the right-hand column on this page to download your Free Marketing Worksheet. Go to the content page to see more detail on the services we provide.


Before your message is sent out it needs to be packaged. This includes videos, podcasts, brochures, PowerPoint presentations, or a trade show booth to name a few. Go to the creative page to see more detail on the services we provide.


Channel represents all the ways that you can distribute your story. Some of these are You Tube, Twitter, trade shows, special events, Google SEO, Face Book, direct mail and email marketing. Go to the channel page to see more detail on the services we provide.


We monitor your results, provide reporting, and make recommendations on how to improve your marketing program every month.

Learn more about how to develop content and why it is important.