LinkedIn Guide

LinkedIn is your resume. It’s your business infomercial. It’s where people go if they want to know what you have done and can do. Does your page effectively reflect who you are?

First a few statistics about LinkedIn.

  • There are over 200 million users.
  • 35% of LinkedIn users access the site daily.
  • There are over 2.7 million LinkedIn business pages.
  • 39% of LinkedIn users pay for the premium service (I am not one of them) Continue reading

Make a Video

SmartPhone Video - Image credit: <a href=''>mayboro / 123RF Stock Photo</a>

Make a video. If you don’t have a video then make one! Do it with your smart phone or flip camera (if you have one of those antiques – I do :-)). But however you do it, make one today.

You Tube is the second largest search platform and having anything, even a very simple video, is much better than not having anything at all and can give you a significant SEO boost.

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Google Authorship

One of the relatively easy things you can do to improve your search engine optimization results is to tie your Google+ profile to your blog. This is known as your Google Authorship.

Google likes to know about the people who write content. When Google decides what content to show as a result of a keyword search it will pick the content that is associated with a Google+ account everything else being equal. Continue reading

Grow Your Business

Business Owners Success Seminar

Grow your business.

Grow your business.

Help for the independent business owner is here! On November 2nd at 2:00 please join us for one of the following seminars – or come for all three! Also, let us know if you want to be notified of future seminars for the independent business owner.

LinkedIn – At 2:00  you will learn how to Create a Strong Online Brand with LinkedIn for Your Business Success.

Impacts of the Affordable Care Act – At 3:00 an independent insurance agent with 30+ years working with small businesses will provide an overview of the new insurance and how it impacts the business owner. Bring your questions about this topic.

The Future of Marketing: Content – At 3:30 learn why content marketing has become the most effective way to improve your ranking with Google.   Continue reading

Novelty Unfolds Time

An Unorthodox Review of Moonwalking with Einstein

Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it. What are you doing to unfold time?

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer is an unusual book. Its core is about training yourself to remember lists of data. Specifically it tracks a year as the author trains for…and wins the United States memory competition. But there are also several meanderings into interesting cul-de-sacs. Continue reading

Basics of Facebook Ads

Facebook – Best Advertising Value

Facebook ads are the best advertising value around for promoting your business. There are three reasons for this.


First, they have 180,000,000 users in the United States alone. Even if you consider that some people may have multiple accounts that is still a LOT OF PEOPLE. The current population of the U.S. is about 315,000,000 which means once you eliminate small children and the really old who do not use the internet you are talking about over 65% of the U.S. population is on FB. Almost two out of every three people. Continue reading

Testimonial: PLG Consulting


Graham Brisben

“Doug has provided critical support and insight for PLG Consulting over the last several years. During his tenure with us PLG’s revenue has increased dramatically due in no small part to Doug’s efforts. Most importantly he emphasized PLG’s speaking opportunities – something I resisted at first due to the time commitment. However, as I gained experience doing the presentations the time needed for each subsequent presentation dropped significantly. And we were able to leverage the presentations that we created on our website, Slideshare and other digital media sites that continue to pay dividends even on presentations we made over a year ago. Doug is a valuable resource that I will continue to use as needed and I recommend him to any one looking for marketing and communication support for their business.”

– Graham Brisben, Founder of PLG Consulting

Procrastination and the Blasphemer

Or How 21 Can Sometimes Equal 6

Do you need help in eliminating procrastination? If so, Brian Tracy suggests that you Eat that Frog, which is the name of one of his time management books. Though the book makes many good points I was so disappointed in the organization that I reworked the book into three preparation steps and three action steps. I know, I blaspheme.

Who am I to rewrite something that was created by such a recognized leader. Well, let me explain in a joke: “Harvard graduates walk into a room like they own it. Yale graduates walk into a room like they own it because their parents probably do own it. [Your favorite school] graduate walks into a room and starts to rearrange the furniture.” Continue reading