Novelty Unfolds Time

An Unorthodox Review of Moonwalking with Einstein

Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it. What are you doing to unfold time?

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer is an unusual book. Its core is about training yourself to remember lists of data. Specifically it tracks a year as the author trains for…and wins the United States memory competition. But there are also several meanderings into interesting cul-de-sacs.

One of the more interesting concepts comes from William James though the concept is known to anyone who has reached middle age.

“In youth we have an absolutely new experience everyday. But with each passing year some of our experience is converted into automatic routine which we hardly notice at all. The days and weeks smooth themselves out in empty units. The years grow hollow and collapse.”  Principles of Psychology, 1890

What Unfolds Time?

Challenging yourself. Doing something new. Committing to master something you have never tried before. And perhaps the most time unfolding path you can take is to start your own business. Novelty leaps out from every corner as you pinball your way toward success or collapse. Rarely is it boring. Rarely does time collapse.

Memory = Business Success?

“A great memory isn’t just a by product of expertise, it is the essence of expertise.” Someone who is expert in a particular field can process tremendous amounts of data based on the current situation and formulate multiple, sophisticated responses. Like the chess master’s ability to compare the board to similar matches from the past and not as a new situation. Because it is similar to other matches the chess master is informed on potential strategies that will lead to a successful end.

This is the same for someone who has mastered a business discipline. They can see opportunities for success that will go unnoticed by the novice.

Lesson Learned

To have a successful, memorable life become an expert and then start a business based on those expertise. Everything else will fall into place.

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