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Each month I search for how-to articles on things that I think would be of interest to my clients. Even though I just wrote a post on making a video a couple of weeks ago I found a few good articles on how to make a video that I wanted to share.

Making a Video with PowerPoint

One article suggested something that I had never thought of before: use a PowerPoint presentation as the visual part of a video. Several years ago MicroSoft built into the PPT software the ability to save a presentation as a movie. If you are good at creating visually interesting PowerPoints you can now convert them to a video and post to YouTube. I love when I find ways to easily repurpose work!

Plus you can add a voice over, music, and sound effects to create something that could really be interesting for your audience.

PPT to Video Process

I will walk through the process for a Mac user but it is similar for people using MicroSoft. First, I save the presentation as a QuickTime file. Then I open iMovie and ‘import’ the file into an iMovie project. In some cases you will be ready to post, however, I am not a fan of making a video that has no sound and it is relatively easy to do.

Adding Sound

To add a voiceover find the little microphone icon in the iMovie software. In the image below you can see it at the bottom of the screen grab near the right. (Note: in the iMovie layout the icon is near the middle of the screen. When you select the microphone a “Voiceover” window will pop up. The “Built-in Microphone” option should be selected at the top of the window.

Making a video from powerpoint with voiceover added

Test the input volume by speaking at the level you will use to do the voice over. The Left and Right volume indicators should move about 2/3s of the way to the right down the bar indicator. In the image above the volume indicators are both showing two green bars. If the lights of the volume indicator go consistently red or the lights do not move far enough to the right then adjust the “Input Volume” so your natural speaking voice is being captured at the right level.

Recording the Voiceover

Leave the Voiceover window open and move the mouse (which should show a little microphone next to the arrow now) to the point in the video where you want to start your audio voiceover. My video is shown in the left side of the image above. The red, vertical line at the upper left indicates where you are in the video as you mouse over it.

Once you have moved the mouse to the correct point then click on the video and the audio recording will count you into your voiceover. You will see the vertical, red line, jump back in your video several seconds and then you will hear three beeps as the software counts you into your voiceover. At the point where the fourth beep would be heard you are recording. Once you are done recording you will see a purple, audio bar beneath the video. You can move, edit, or delete this audio track until you get the voiceover just right.

Once you get the voice track set you can then add an additional audio tracks like music and sounds effect. Select the music icon (the two eighth notes to the right of the volume indicators in the image below.) You can then select which folder you want to pull from for the audio track. I have chosen my Music library.Making a video from powerpoint with music added

Adding Sound Effects and Music

You should also have iMovie sound effects and other options to choose from. Simply drag and drop the clip where you want it to be in the video. Once again, you can move, edit, or delete once it is in iMovie.

Once you have your completed and saved the iMovie project you can post it to your YouTube channel and tell your fans. ☺

WikiHow – 4 Ways to Do a YouTube Video

This article is effective and to the point. I would recommend it for anyone who wants the basics about making a video. One of the things I like most about it is the author suggests a smartphone as the first equipment option. I emphasize with everyone I consult with that doing a basic video with a smartphone is far better than not having a video at all. (Wait, didn’t I just read that some where?)

Media College – How to Make a Video

Media College has a nice overview as well as more detailed information on making a video, however, they are using high quality equipment. My recommendation: watch the videos you need, take what you can from the videos, but still use your smartphone for the shoot.

YouTube – Get Started!

This is a simple guide on how to post your video, and how to use Google ads to promote the video.

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