Local Directories will Improve Your SEO

Don’t Ignore These Ancient Tomes

Local directories are almost worthless except Google likes them.Don’t yellow page directories seem like they were in the era of the stage coach? They seem so antiquated that it is hard to believe that at the end of last century they dominated local search: If you needed to know where to find a local business most people grabbed the yellow pages.


One Important User

Almost no one uses the printed books any more and few people use the online equivalent except when they come up as a result in a general search. Even so by adding your listing to the major directories you can really help your business with local SEO. “How’s that possible?”, you ask with an incredulous shadow across your face. Because Google uses local directories to help supplement and verify listings of businesses in a geographic area.

Even though people are using directories less and less Google and other search engines still use them to verify information about local businesses. By adding your basic information to the primary directories you improve your SEO. And, most importantly, you only have to do it once! Or at least just once until you move your business to a new address.

Directory Admin

GetListed.org is a service that facilitates updating your business listings on local directories.

GetListed.org sample page.

“But I don’t want to have to find all those directories and add my info or confirm that the information is correct.”, cry out the masses of online business owners. Thanks to GetListed.org, you don’t have to. GetListed lets you search for your local business by name and zip code and shows you the info for your business for each of the major directories. It is like having a directory administrative assistant.

Local Directories

GetListed includes: Superpages.com, Best of the Web, eLocal, Factual, FourSquare, Yelp, Google+, Localeze, Yellow Pages, City Search, HotFrog, Nokia, Infogroup, Bing, Acxiom, and Yahoo. GetListed shows you which of the services have listings and which ones are “unclaimed”. You can click from GetListed to the listing on the other sites so you can edit/claim your business.

So go to GetListed.org, type in your company name and zip code and see where you need to add your listing.

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