Every time you do work for a customer and they are satisfied with the results ask for an endorsement. Make this a part of the process of how you do business and make it easy for your customer to help you if they want to.

Make it Easy for Your Customer

Endorsements manFollow up to the work that you have done with an email thanking them for business about a week after the job is complete. If you provide more strategic services wait about a month before contacting them. To make sure that you follow this process set up a reminder on your calendar when you send the final invoice.

The email should include the following:

  • Summary of the work that was done
  • Confirmation that the work was done to the satisfaction of the customer
  • Request for an endorsement
  • Link to an endorsement site (i.e. Yelp) if applicable


If you are asking for something that you can use on your website then confirm this in the “request for an endorsement” step above. Be direct, “Would you be willing to provide a testimonial for my business that I can use on my website?”

If the customer agrees then volunteer to write the first draft of the testimonial for them. This will get the ball rolling and it is much easier for people to react to something than to create something from scratch.


The testimonial should have the following ingredients. You see that two of the five elements below were already stated in the email list from above. 

  • Summary of the work that was done
  • Any unique aspects of the work that made the job more difficult/interesting
  • Confirmation that the work was done to the satisfaction of the customer
  • The recommendation
  • Confirm the person’s name, title and company name

No Duplicates

If someone leaves you a review on Yelp or recommendation on Linked In do not copy this to your website. Google looks for duplicate content and could penalize your SEO if it finds content that has been pulled from another source. Of course, you can ask your customer to provide a modified recommendation if it is important for you to post something from them on your site.

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