Media building blocks.Creative is your message packaged for distribution. It includes graphics, photographs, video, audio, guides, written materials, your logo, etc. How these elements are packaged can make a very powerful message for your business. In many cases you can develop these materials on your own, however, this is where a marketing professional can really help you develop something that will have a long shelf life.

ZoC can help with development of the following creative formats. Each format includes a few examples of how that creative could be used.

  • Video 
    • Company overview
    • Testimonial
    • Special event
  • Photos
    • Work examples (your portfolio)
    • Key personnel
    • Products and services
  • Audio
    • Interviews with experts
    • Conversion of blog posts to audio
  • Written
    • Website posts
    • Press releases
    • Self help guides
  • Graphic Design
    • Logo
    • Trade show booth
    • Brochure

See how to distribute your content through the distribution channels.