Marketing is telling a story.

Telling your story in all of its variations is content marketing

Your story starts with your key messages.

Content is just any thing you say about your company. There are many ways that a company can tell their story but it should always start with the key messages. These key messages define in a few short statements the unique capabilities of your company. Customer benefits, your company elevator speech and several other important marketing fundamentals flow from the key messages and are developed at the same time.

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Steady Flow

The key messages guide in the creation of all content that you share with your customers. They help a company develop a steady flow of complementary stories that build confidence in the potential customer.

Here are some typical examples of the kinds of stories we can help you develop.

  • Work Examples
  • Testimonials
  • Bios of key personnel
  • Company history
  • Self-help guides

Content Marketing

Over the last several years content marketing has emerged as the most important way to drive interested customers to your business. But content marketing has been around forever. It is simply telling your audience something of interest to them that relates in some way to your company. Everything you say about your company through every channel you use is part of this content marketing flow.

The key to content marketing is to tell your customers something of interest to them.

  • Telling them to buy from you is not so interesting.
  • Telling them you have a discount price available through the month is interesting.
  • Telling them how to do some simple service you provide on their own can be compelling.

We can help you develop the steady flow of content that you need to keep your business in front of your audience.

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