Content Marketing: Worried about Google, Studying the Wrong Thing, etc.

content marketing Image credit: <a href=''>ivelinradkov / 123RF Stock Photo</a>Here are a few articles about content marketing that I discovered over the last week. Each article includes the link, a very short summary of the piece, and any additional comments that I think would be helpful.

Google’s Algorithm Updates: Should Content Marketers be Worried

Other than the title this is a good article. I think the title is a bit sensational since the answer is ‘no’.

5 Ways Small Businesses Can Use Content Marketing to Increase Sales

  1. Case Studies
  2. Testimonials
  3. How-To Articles
  4. Guest Blog Posts
  5. eNewsletters

This is an interesting list though perhaps not as helpful as it could be. Content marketing can be anything that your potential customers would find to be interesting or educational about your company. The key is to focus on the benefit you are providing to the customer.

Though testimonials are nice to have they are only interesting for consumers who are down the sales pipeline and are trying to vet your business. The same can be said, though to a lesser degree, about case studies.

How-to articles can be golden. If you help customers solve a problem on their own you are building trust. Decide on the areas that you are willing to give away and create strong content in multiple formats. This will allow your prospect to easily find it in a format convenient for them.

Curating information from the internet (like this blog post) can be another way to build good content. Guest blog posts are similar to curating – you are just curating the person instead of the completed work.

Finally, I’m not sure what eNewsletters is doing on this list. This is a way to package the content and not a true form of content.

Content Marketers are Studying the Wrong Things

As content marketing matures it will no longer be enough to just do content marketing. You have to study that content that really works and replicate the key elements that helped it succeed.

Top 4 Content Marketing Mistakes

  1. Not setting clear goals
  2. Not Involving other departments
  3. Only use the blog to promote your content
  4. Talking too much and not listening

Why Podcasts Don’t Belong in Content Marketing Plans

The title should be: if you can’t do a good podcast don’t do one at all. Podcasts do belong in your content strategy as a viable creative option for delivering your company messages, however, the author exhorts you to be more than someone enamored with the sound of their own voice.

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