Content Marketing is an Orchard

Content marketing has become a very hot topic recently but is a very simple concept and has been around for a long time. Anyone who knows their business can very effectively incorporate content marketing into their communication mix.

Fruit Tree represents Content Marketing

This slideshow uses an extended metaphor to demonstrate the basic concepts. In simple terms, content marketing is nothing more than the stories you tell about your company that would be of interest to your readers. This could include: the company history; the bios of the employees; the testimonials you get from satisfied customers. The descriptions of the products and services that you sell and on and on.  


Content marketing is also all of those stories that only have a tangental connection to the business. One of the most interesting examples of this is the video made by amusical group entitled United Breaks Guitars. The group got more attention from this video than all of their other videos combined. They have even written a book which is a great example of how to extend successful content into additional channels.

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