Channel is nothing more than how your message is distributed to potential customers. ZoC can work with you to create the necessary creative materials appropriate for the channels you want to target. We will then set up and implement the distribution plan and monitor the progress of each channel to determine how to improve it over time.ZoC distributes your message to appropriate channels.

ZoC has broad experience with web-based and traditional marketing channels and can distribute your message through any of the following.

Web-based Channels

  • You Tube – The second largest search engine behind Google.
  • Face Book – The social media gorilla.
  • Linked In – Face Book for the business professional.
  • Email – Done well this can be the most powerful channel of them all.
  • Search engine optimization – Not really a channel on it’s own but a key to insuring that your website is effectively represented in the king of all channels: Google.
  • Slideshare – Small but very effective for the business to business company.
  • Podcasts – If you like to talk then take advantage of the growing popularity of podcasts.
  • Online influencers – Popular bloggers, local news sites, experts in your industry can all be used to help promote your business.

Traditional Channels

  • Direct mail – Blanket a geographic area with a message delivered by the post office.
  • Trade shows and conferences – These are especially important for the business to business company.
  • Trade magazines – For the business to business company trade focused magazines can be a very effective way to reach your target.
  • Newspapers – Newspaper ads can be useful especially for certain retail products despite their declining readership.
  • Fliers – Nothing is simpler than the flier but it can be a very effective tool for the geographically based company.
  • Special events – Creating an event specific for your company or in conjunction with complementary business can be a very effective way to generate excitement about your offerings.

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