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Testimonial: PLG Consulting


Graham Brisben

“Doug has provided critical support and insight for PLG Consulting over the last several years. During his tenure with us PLG’s revenue has increased dramatically due in no small part to Doug’s efforts. Most importantly he emphasized PLG’s speaking opportunities – something I resisted at first due to the time commitment. However, as I gained experience doing the presentations the time needed for each subsequent presentation dropped significantly. And we were able to leverage the presentations that we created on our website, Slideshare and other digital media sites that continue to pay dividends even on presentations we made over a year ago. Doug is a valuable resource that I will continue to use as needed and I recommend him to any one looking for marketing and communication support for their business.”

– Graham Brisben, Founder of PLG Consulting

Testimonial: Vectora Transportation

“I worked with Doug for several years while at Vectora Transportation. I was impressed by the range of expert marketing skills he demonstrated during our time together. He had full responsibility for all aspects of the company’s marketing strategy. This included conferences where we spoke and advertised, our online presence, and the printed materials we used to support our sales efforts. From experience I know that the projects Doug develops are well conceived and expertly executed. I recommend him for anyone who needs the support from a marketing professional.”

– Anne Puhalovich, Project Manager, Vectora Transportation