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Zen of Social Media Marketing

Shama Kabani - Author of Zen of Social Media MarketingThe thing I like most about Shama Kabani, and there is a lot to like, is that she lives in Dallas (or at least in the neighborhood). She has written a great book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing, founded a very successful company, received lots of awards, and on and on but the thing that stands out to me is she is still living in Dallas which is where I live and my home town. To some this may be a trivial or even puzzling thing but to me it is quite amazing. So often, as soon as someone living in Dallas gets a level of success and fame they pack up and move to LA, or NY, or Austin. I am very happy that she has stayed. And to a point I will make later – it validates me!

Zen of Social Media Marketing – Buy It

Zen of Social Media Marketing by Shama Kabani

Do yourself a favor and buy her book, The Zen of Social Media Marketing. Though you may know most or all of it the book is a nice compendium of the state of social media and how to use it to your advantage. She provides some great insight and compiles a very nice list of tools to consider in each section. Plus she uses lines like, “your website is a window into your company’s soul.” Isn’t that true. Your site is like looking into someone’s eyes. This is a very good thing to remember when you build your website: is your site nice enough that someone will want to stare at it longingly?

Facebook is a Mirror on ME!

My favorite take away from the books is how Facebook in particular and other social media sites are really about me. (Or about you…you know, “all about me” no matter who you are.) If you remember that then it makes it easier to think about what and how you share on Facebook.

TOMS – Like

People want to share things that will make them look good. The want to support a charity that is doing good work that they believe in. For example, I love TOMS shoes. I liked them on Facebook; I follow them on LinkedIn; I love the story. I will tell everyone how much I love the shoes. But I will NEVER buy a pair. Or, I should say, I have yet to see a TOMS design that I would wear. But that does not deter me from promoting the company because they are doing something that I believe in and I want to glow in their reflected light.

Coke – No Like

On the other hand, I drink a Diet Coke at least once per week but I will never like or follow Coke unless they bribed me to do so. This is the state of social media: I connect with things that will make MY friends like me MORE. Or at least things that will educate me on things I need to know. (And I want to impress my friends with what I am learning. :-))

Use Bloggers to Distribute your Content

Ryan Holiday‘s book, Trust Me – I’m Lying, is a great primer on how easy it is to use bloggers to distribute your content. But also includes significant warnings on how this tactic can be manipulated. The following passage is typical of the kinds of gems you will find in the book.

use bloggers to distribute your contentWhen you are promoting a post about something that has potential to become viral but is not important enough for the major media outlets to care about then “post in a lower traffic tier with the understanding that content filters up as well as down. The smaller sites, with their ability to dig deeper into the internet, act as farm teams for the larger blogs and news media.”

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Novelty Unfolds Time

An Unorthodox Review of Moonwalking with Einstein

Monotony collapses time; novelty unfolds it. What are you doing to unfold time?

Moonwalking with Einstein by Joshua Foer is an unusual book. Its core is about training yourself to remember lists of data. Specifically it tracks a year as the author trains for…and wins the United States memory competition. But there are also several meanderings into interesting cul-de-sacs. Continue reading

Procrastination and the Blasphemer

Or How 21 Can Sometimes Equal 6

Do you need help in eliminating procrastination? If so, Brian Tracy suggests that you Eat that Frog, which is the name of one of his time management books. Though the book makes many good points I was so disappointed in the organization that I reworked the book into three preparation steps and three action steps. I know, I blaspheme.

Who am I to rewrite something that was created by such a recognized leader. Well, let me explain in a joke: “Harvard graduates walk into a room like they own it. Yale graduates walk into a room like they own it because their parents probably do own it. [Your favorite school] graduate walks into a room and starts to rearrange the furniture.” Continue reading

The Key to Success: Grit

I try to read a book a week and recently I finished Start by Jon Acuff. The biggest take away was his emphasis on grit. It is interesting not only because of the points he made but because I have read several statements by other authors and researchers recently that say the same thing. As noted by research the biggest driver in a successful life is grit or being able to focus on your task until it is done. It appears to be more important than brains or wealth. Though the wealthy can lead unsuccessful lives much easier than the poor. 🙂 Continue reading