Basics of Facebook Ads

Facebook – Best Advertising Value

Facebook ads are the best advertising value around for promoting your business. There are three reasons for this.


First, they have 180,000,000 users in the United States alone. Even if you consider that some people may have multiple accounts that is still a LOT OF PEOPLE. The current population of the U.S. is about 315,000,000 which means once you eliminate small children and the really old who do not use the internet you are talking about over 65% of the U.S. population is on FB. Almost two out of every three people.

Keyword Targeting

Second, FB allows you to target your ads based on the keywords. And the keyword data that is in FB is really accurate because the users have entered the information about themselves. You know where they live, if they are married, what university they attended, what they like to do, and on and on. No matter what you are selling you will be able to find your target audience on FB.

Control Your Spend

Three, you have multiple ways to help control your ad spend. The first control is noted above: keywords reduce the number of people who will potentially see your ad. Secondly, you are only charged for ads that are actually clicked on by someone on FB. (NOTE: This requires that you set up the ad properly. The default option on FB charges for impressions but this is not recommended.) And finally, you can set a spend limit as low as $5 per day so you are never surprised that an ad is clicked on more than expected.

Commit to Try It…Now

Because you can control your overall spend means that you should commit right now to using FB ads. Even if you just want to commit $50, $5 per day for ten days, then it will give you a sense what the ads can do for your business. And doing it right now is a great both a great way to test the service as well as a strong motivator to get the basics about your company on your FB company page.

Get Started

You need a couple of things to start advertising on FB: a personal account on FB and then a business account that is associated with the personal account. If you don’t have a FB account then go to their site and sign up. If you have questions then ask one of the billion users currently online – that is, ask one of your friends. Once your personal account is establish you can set up your business by going to The link will take you to a step by step process that will allow you to enter all the information you need to get started.

Create Your Ad

When you are in your business page click on the “Build Your Audience” button at the far right.

Screen shot 2013-09-18 at 12.04.30 PM

This should take you to a page that looks like this.

Face Book ad setup


You want to click the advanced options tool at the far left corner on the bottom of the page – the little asterisk looking button with a drop down area. This opens a page that allows you to limit your ad based on location, age, keywords and other factors.

Targeting Example

For example, when I enter the advanced option page the ad defaults to the United States because that is where I live. If you look at the upper right corner of the “Create your Audience” section on the page you should see the total FB population of the United States: 180,000,000.

I only want people in Dallas to see my ad so I click on the “City” button in location and start typing Dallas. I select Dallas, TX from the drop down menu. This reduces the total audience to 1,500,000.

Next I raise the minimum age to 22 which reduces my audience to 1,260,000. And finally I select “Business/Technology” in the “Broad Categories” section and further define by “Small Business Owners”. I now have a potential audience of 56,000.

If I decided to further target based on the interest of “San Francisco 49ers” then it reduces my overall audience to 380 people. I know this seems arbitrary but if I am a real Forty-Niners fan and I have some cool giveaway from the team then those 380 people will be very interested in my ad.

Optimize for Clicks

Make sure that you optimize for clicks. If you don’t then you will be charged both for clicks as well as for the number of impressions that you receive. An impression just indicates that your ad was served to a page. You can guarantee that for every 100 times an ad is shown it will only be clicked once or less.

More to Come

There is a lot more to Facebook ads but it is such a good advertising option that I recommend that you go ahead and get started. The sooner you start then the sooner you will learn what works for your business. I will follow up on my website with details on how to develop an effective ad. If you’d like to sign up to receive my weekly emails then download the marketing worksheet – see the right side bar for instructions.

And as always, you can reach out to me at no charge for more details about how to leverage Facebook.


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